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What is
Dhaka University Search Engine?

Dhaka University Search Engine is a meta-search tool that compiles the search result only from the official websites of Dhaka University and brings out the most relevant information from the most reliable sources, based on your query.

Dhaka University is quite large, having 83 departments, 12 institutes, and more than 56 research centres. It has a central website, and some of the departments and institutes also have their own independent or semi-independent websites, which contain substantial amount of information. To extract precise information on a particular subject, it is often required not only to search on the central website, but also on the websites of respective departments or institutes as well. To make the process further complex, some of those websites do not have a search facility at all. Under this circumstance, it is somewhat difficult to find specific information without being an expert. As a result, most of the people usually give up, and instead of searching directly on the websites of respective departments or institutes, they rely on Google.

Every day, many people use Google to search various topics on Dhaka University, but those search results also contain information from unofficial sources or information on other universities as well. While this tool – Dhaka University Search Engine, is also fully powered by Google, it is customized and fine-tuned in a way that it brings results only from the official websites (there are more than a dozen) of Dhaka University and its departments / institutes. To make the results even more accurate and up-to-date, we periodically fine tune the system to ensure sure that, the most relevant source gets highest priority based on the search query.

This website is a personal non-profit project, and it does not have any affiliation with Dhaka University.

Acknowledgment: Running this service is made possible by the technologies of Google.

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