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Privacy Policy

This page describes the data cllection policy of the following websites:

What data do we collect?

When you visit our websites, we collect your data.

Those data include technical information such as the brand name and model number of your device (phone/PC), operating system, your browser, screen resolution, and more.

We also collect data about your location, city, country, and information about your network provider/mobile data provider/ISP.

We also collect data about the referrer page – that is, information about the website from where you landed on our site.

Information about your activities on our sites is also collected. That information includes, but not limited to, the pages you visit, when you visit, how much time you stay on each page, the items you search etc.

We also collect personally-identifiable information, such as, your device ID and IP address. We also use cookies, using which it is possible to track your activities.

Why do we collect these data?

We collect these data to improve our websites. We also use these data for research purpose.

Do we share these data with third parties?

Yes, we share these data with Google. We may also share these data with other entities without ever notifying you.

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